Friday, December 7, 2012

Whitetail Madness

Tom and Dan were in the middle of whitetail madness in the first part of November. And they did pretty good.

Business takes Tom eastward a few times a year to Wisconsin. One of those trips just so happens to coincide with the beginning of the whitetail rut. 

In college I made friends with a couple of outstanding people. Malcolm, who is in his 70's now and still more active than me. And Nick, who is now a Madison Police Officer. Nick's uncle farms in SW Wisconsin, and he has given us permission on some great farms in the area. Between those two good friends we are pretty much set with great deer hunting every year.

Tom and Dan had tons of small bucks cruise past them. They got to witness some great deer behavior while waiting for a nice buck to cruise by.

November 4th has always seemed to be the magical day for us in Wisconsin. So we try to hunt from November 1st - November 7th if we can help it at all. On November 2nd Danny was in the middle of mayhem. A hot doe in the area drew in bucks from all over the place.

Deer were chasing everywhere. Danny was on the edge of some standing corn, and bucks were zipping in, out, and all through the corn. Danny said that the bucks in the cornfield sounded like a pond full of frogs. They were grunting non-stop.

Finally, 12 yards from Danny, a nice buck stepped out in to the open. Danny sent a Muzzy Phantom tipped arrow in the exact place it needed to be.

Three days later Tom returned to the same corner of woods that Danny was in. There were still deer around, and at least one hot doe was still in the neighborhood. She led this neat little buck to within 15 yards of Tom. He mad a perfect shot with his Hummingbird recurve.

This buck had some real neat character, and even sported a 1" drop tine on his left side.

Tom shot his Hummingbird recurve, with a CX Heritage arrow, and Muzzy Phantom broadhead.

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