Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Traditional Archery in The Netherlands

These pictures and this Email were sent to me from Hans via the Netherlands. As you will read, bowhunting is not allowed in their country. Should bowhunting ever be outlawed in American I wonder how many people would keep up with our wonderful sport? Sadly, probably not very many. How great it was to see the passion that these folks have for traditional archery!
Hans' Email and pics:
"Dear rmsgear,
Bowhunting is not allowed in our country, The Netherlands, Europe, so I send you some pictures of our 3d-tournament called: Rondje in de Wei, which means as much as: Round around the meadow. Targets are placed on distances from 10meter up to 60 meters. Badger was on 25m and the black bear about 50 meters, shooting over water! It was one of the first times I was shooting my Spirit Longbow made by Bryan Holley, which I recently bought. It is a fine shooting longbow, fast and very nice looking! Don't see them very often, overhere in Europe! But I know where to get them now: at RMS Gear!!! You have a very nice internet-site, which I visit very often to read, look at the photo gallery and all the beautifull bows you have for sale! Might buy an other Spirit Longbow from you next year!
Best regards from a traditional bowhunter from The Netherlands,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On fire for trad!

Jarod is a Jr at Cuba City HS in Wisconsin. I wrestled with his older brother in college and have known him since he was 7 years old. Jarod is a fantastic wrestler and in his two years of high school wrestling he has yet to lose a match and has won two state titles.
Jarod has come out to Colorado a few times to train for wrestling at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. While he was here he came to our shop to shoot some bows and hang out. Already a hunting fool, Jarod immediately fell in love with the longbow and got all set up with a Rampart longbow. We showed him how to fletch and crest his own arrows, which he did. He is doing everything on his own now.
This year he has been hunting hard with his longbow. He killed two does in one evening, for his first deer with a traditional bow. A few nights later he made a perfect shot on this beautiful Wisconsin buck.
Jarod is a driven young man. His archery form is near perfect and he practices daily. He has been hunting on his own this year. Quite impressive for a 17 year old kid to take his skill and his hunting into his own hands and have such great success.

Jarod used a Rampart longbow with a Gold Tip Traditional arrow and a STOS broadhead.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Way to go Jan!

Way to go Jan! Jan just moved to N. Carolina and sent me this Email of her first deer.
Morning gentlemen,
Well, I got my first whitetail deer here in central North Carolina last night. The weather was perfect yesterday and I got in a 15' treestand in a white pine by a soybean field around 5:30pm. At 6:40pm or so, a group of three does, a baby and a spike buck trickled out into the field. Luckily I was standing up at the time so I could shoot at a variety of targets. The deer were spread out from about 15 yards to 25 yards. I let them all get into the field and get situated and feeding calmly. My best shot was at a doe who presented quartered away from me at about 18-20 yards. I took that shot and saw my arrow strike true.

I made that arrow myself from supplies that I bought at your shop, with plenty of advice from Tom and the gang. I believe it was three years ago that I found your shop. I remember coming in and telling Tom about my 45# Mongolian horsebow and how I wanted to get back into traditional bowhunting to carry on the family tradition. It took me a while to get into the field, but after three hunts, I'm successful and just as thrilled as I could be. This will be the first of many hunting seasons to come! I want to thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you guys have given me over the last few years. I couldn't have done this without your help and I truly appreciate it.

Happy hunting!

Best regards,

P.S. Feel free to post this letter and my photos. I'm proud to tell everyone I meet about your fantastic shop because I believe there isn't another place like it anywhere. To whoever may be reading this - these guys are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and just good people. If you want to bowhunt, you need to go to Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear - they will take care of you and help you make your hunt successful. I miss you guys and can't wait to come in and visit when I get home to Colorado!