Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nebraska 12-point

Tom got out to Nebraska a few weekends ago to do some hunting with his nephew, and my cousin, Chad.

By the time Tom got there on the first night it was too late to hang a new stand. So Chad sent Tom to his good stand, while Chad crawled up in a tree that he didn't think would produce any shots. With the time constraints it was not a good option for Chad, but it was the only option he had.

As it happens so often, the nice buck showed up where nobody expected him to. Chad made a perfect heart shot on his biggest buck to date.

Chad shot the deer with a Bassett recurve (61@28, 62"), Carbon Express Heritage arrows, and a Magnus Stinger broadhead. 


Tom never did loose an arrow. When it comes to whitetails Tom's luck has never been that great. A couple of freak occurrences kept deer just outside of shooting range. But check back, because in the next three weeks we'll be hunting Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Colorado pretty hard.

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