Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Antelope season is so close I can smell the sage

Antelope have seriously kicked my butt in the past. I hope that changes this year. I used up my 12 preference points for a good tag this year. This weekend we went up and did some scouting. Antelope were everywhere!

You cannot put up blinds until Aug 1st on the state wildlife area where I will be antelope hunting this year. So on July 31st we did some walking and found our water holes. In the very wee morning hours of Aug 1st we were putting up our blinds.

I snapped a few pictures on our trip. The big guys were all a little too far for good pictures, but these little ones were kind enough to pose for the camera. I am not a trophy  hunter by any means, and I think the chance for an opportunity are more than good based on the amount of goats we saw.

Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll have a successful antelope story or two to share!

I love this country!

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