Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tyler's Nebraska Turkey

Good customer Tyler Arnold sent us this story about his first turkey with a recurve. He did it the hard way too, no blind with a stickbow!

Check out his story and his bird:


Hey thought I would share a pic of the bird I shot on Easter Sunday.  I was hunting by myself so I don't have a  very good picture with me and the bird. It was my first turkey with a recurve. It was an awesome hunt.  

The hunt took place up in Nebraska. I spotted the birds around 11am and decided to make a move on them.  They had a fire up there last summer which burned up a lot of their ground but the turkeys are still hanging around there.  I got down in a little burned up cedar draw and set my decoy up and started to call.  Within a few minutes the flock was on its way.  I posted up behind a burned up cedar and waited for the action.  I had six big toms and a dozen hens come within 12 yards but I couldn't get a shot without spooking them, so I stayed patient and waited for the rest of them to come.  A tom finally strutted by around 15 yards but there was too many branches in the way to shoot.  He strutted over towards my decoy but I still couldn't get a shot.  I waited and he came back by in front of me and stopped at 15 yards in full strut.  I leaned out around the tree I was sitting behind, picked a spot and let it fly.  I hit him right at the base of the neck he ran up the hill about 20 yards and hit the dirt.  It was an awesome hunt and one I will never forget.  That Blackwidow recurve has been very good to me!



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