Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Whitetail Deer Season

Well I didn't put up these pictures in a timely matter, but better late than never...

Travis Grozis started the season off nicely with this great public land buck in late October. This buck came down a scrape line and Travis made a perfect 30 yard shot with a Zephyr broadhead and his Pronghorn longbow.
Turkey surrounded Danny early one morning in November. The birds actually covered up the sound of an approaching bruiser of a buck. Needless to say...Danny didn't get the bruiser.
Danny shot this buck as he lay in his bed with a doe. Danny snuck up on him and made a great shot. He spotted the buck in the point of a finger of trees and made his way to within 1o yards of the buck and doe. Danny used a Rampart recurve and VPA Terminator broadhead.
Pictures of the buck in his final bed.
Tom Clum in stand with deer beneath him.

Maybe next year...

This swamp holds some dandies. Lots of deer action is almost a guarantee. Sunrises are the best, pretty to look at, and they bring the excitement of not knowing what the day has in store.
See the two arrows? Danny missed a doe, but not ten minutes later got to make the same shot on a different deer.

Tom capped off the trip on the last evening with his biggest whitetail deer to date. He used his Hawk recurve and a VPA Terminator broadhead.

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