Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gamemaster Jet

Over the years I have had the privilege to meet a lot of the great men and women in traditional archery. Though I never met Jack Howard, I received a letter from him in the later years of his life. As you can read in the letter, he was near the end of his bow making days and looking to sell bows outside of his own shop. He sent me this letter along with information about his bows and a newsletter. I just came across this letter as I have had a few of the old Jack Howard bows come through my shop lately. As I write this I just sold a 60# Gamemaster Jet in beautiful condition. It is truly one of the best bows ever made.

One of my biggest regrets over the past 16 years of owning this business is that I didn't sell bows for Jack Howard. At the time I simply did not have the money to stock his bows. It was a shame. Anyway, I am sure that you will get as much joy in reading Jack's words as I did when I came across this package.

You can download the entire package in a .pdf by clicking here.

-Tom Clum

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