Thursday, May 17, 2012

Idaho Bear Hunt

Danny and I just returned from Idaho for a spring bear hunt. A good friend of ours does very well in this area, and typically sees many bears. He pointed us to the spot on a map, so we packed our stuff and headed up. We had never bear hunted before and had no idea really what we were getting in to. But that is part of the adventure that I enjoy so much.

Well, the bears must have heard we were coming because we only saw two the entire trip (our friend usually sees between 10-15 a day). No matter, I got to spend time in the wilderness with my brother, camp out, view all sorts of wildlife, and see a part of the country that I had not yet seen. We had a great time.

I will definitely plan on going back next year. The temperatures were painfully hot, especially for this time of the year. I would imagine that the bears went totally nocturnal and/or moved to a different elevation. Hopefully next year we will have better luck!

Here are a few pictures from our trip:

We used a raft to cross the river. This enabled us to hunt a lot more country as the road stayed on only one side.

An example of the type of hikes we were doing daily. On this particular hike we spent the night 1/4 of the way up. We did see a very large bear up on this mountain as we were going in. He never did show back up.

A lovely camping spot.

As we were glassing I spotted this elk about to cross the river. The video is really nothing special but it shows the kind of country we were hunting in, and it was very enjoyable for me to watch this elk swim the river that morning. Sights like these are what makes hunting special.

We spent A LOT of time behind our binos. Danny had to take his shoes off and relax after an excruciating hike.
Danny nearly stepped on a grouse before she jumped up. We left quickly so she could return to her nest.
The only bighorn we saw the whole trip. One, lone ewe.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.